State Employee Reauthorization

We Need YOU To Re-Sign Up With Your Union


Why do I have to do this?


Last month, the Civil Service Commission passed a new anti-union rule making it harder for us to join together in a union and have a voice on the job. This rule, Rule 6-7, requires ALL of us to reauthorize our union membership with AFSCME EVERY YEAR rather than one-time only.


How can I do this?


It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

•          Go to Website:

•          Log in with your ID and password

•          Select the HR Self-Service

•          Select the bookmark tab (above Home button on the left side of the screen)

•          From the bookmark drop down menu, go to

•          Employee Self-Service > Pay > Dues Payroll Deduction

•          Reauthorize continued deductions for an additional year

•          Click confirm/authorize


Let’s stand together and show the Civil Service Commission that their union busting tactics won’t work with us. We are AFSCME STRONG and that we NEVER QUIT!!