Local 1628 Fights to Keep AFSCME as Union Representation

After hearing rumors of an attack on their union from an outside group, the leadership team and committed members at Local 1628 Bloomfield Hills Schools started their fight to save their contract and ultimately their union.

The team immediately started hosting open group meetings that featured question-and-answer sessions and the benefits of being an AFSCME member. After that, they took it a step further and went into the workplace to have one-on-one conversations with current members as well as potential members. During this process, they not only talked to their membership but were also able to grow it by signing up new members and building strength.

Christine Donalsen, a member of Local 1628, cited the importance of the meetings and getting people together to talk to them about what AFSCME is and what the union can do for its members.

She spoke about how with the support of AFSCME the Local is always able to fight for what they want and win, citing the most recent win and a show of strength and solidarity.

Lisa Delk, the Staff Representative for Local 1628 said, “The group as a whole came together and was receptive of the information and attended the meeting. They stood together to spread the message of staying with AFSCME. Their hard work and dedication paid off.”

With this success under their belts, the group is looking forward to educating themselves with upcoming training and finding better ways to serve their members and increase their involvement.

As for Christine, she is excited for the future and looking to hold a bigger part in the local. “I want to run for office in the future so I can work together with the team to accomplish everything we want to accomplish and grow the unit.”