AFSCME Michigan 925

Starting February 1st 2024, your local is affiliated with AFSCME Michigan 925, the new Organizing Committee here in Michigan. You don’t need to do anything, and nothing in your contract or local is changing right now, but we still want to take the opportunity to talk about the future of AFSCME Michigan. For quick answers, there’s an FAQ at the bottom of this email. 

As AFSCME members, activists and leaders we have real opportunities to grow our union in the coming years. After years of being on defense, we have won pro-worker victories in Lansing that put us back on offense. Workers are winning victories across the country, including right here in Michigan. 

The time to organize is now.

AFSCME Michigan is built from the ground up to provide excellent representation to locals and members. Just as importantly, AFSCME Michigan 925 is built to support organizing. 

Since just November 1st, 794 new members have joined AFSCME Michigan. And we’re just getting started. 

This is an era of AFSCME members leading the fight. We’re planning to go big. And we’ll need everyone who wants stronger protections at work, a louder voice on the job, dignity and respect to step up and join us.

We’re done taking hits in Michigan. We’re ready to grow AFSCME member power in the workplace and in the state house. The future for working people in Michigan is bright. Let’s build it together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we keep our contract? 

Your local will continue to operate as it did before the transition. The constitution, treasury, and leadership remain the same. You will continue to hold meetings and elections as usual. If you need help, you can still contact AFSCME Michigan the same way you did before – through your assigned field staff or by calling the office closest to you.

Do I need to do anything?

No, you don’t need to do anything different for the operation of your local right now. But we will be working together to grow and strengthen AFSCME in Michigan - there will be trainings and opportunities for involvement in the near future, so stay tuned and as always, feel free to contact staff if you are ready to get started!

Has AFSCME formed other organizing committees? 

Yes! For example, AFSCME members in New Jersey speak with one powerful voice after the organizing committee there built power across the state. In Maryland, an organizing committee was formed to organize state & university employees. Now, 16,000 state & university employees are proud members of AFSCME Maryland. 


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