Our Leadership

President Lawrence A. Roehrig

Secretary-Treasurer Robyn C. Price

Executive Board Members

David Brandt - R9

AFSCME Local 1855

Tracy Carlton – R6
AFSCME Local 496

Tim Ciechorski- R3

Jason Crispell- R4

Mark Curie- R8

Donald Deroche- R11

Keith Hunter – R2
AFSCME Local 1786

Milando Hunter – R6
AFSCME Local 1918

Rob Kortman- R10

William McGlynn – R3
AFSCME Local 1346

Phyllis McMillon – R1
AFSCME Local 542

Dennis Moore – R7
AFSCME Local 1668

Sam Muma – R6
AFSCME Local 1600

Lois Murray – R3
AFSCME Local 2172

Cindy Spurlock – R2
AFSCME Local 2568

Sharon Syers - R11


Christopher Wayne– R5
AFSCME Local 1585

Tony Williams- R4

Faith Wormsbacher – R6

AFSCME Local 1089

Janae Wouldfolk, R1
AFSCME Local 140


John A. Michalec
Chief of Staff

Nora L. Grambau
Administrative Director, Regions 5-11

Felicia Hicks
Administrative Director, Regions 1-4

Linda Banner
Director of Accounting
Kimberly Floyd

Human Resources Director

Ken Bailey
Legal-Arbitration  Director

Steven Rzeppa

Communications and Political Director

Ashley Richey

Data Director