Letter from President Lee Saunders

Dear AFSCME Council 25 members,

As you may know, Council 25 President Larry Roehrig recently announced his retirement. I thank Brother Roehrig for his service to our union and wish him a long and enjoyable retirement.

His retirement creates a unique opportunity for Council 25 to grow our union and continue building our political strength. Council 25 has a rich history of representing AFSCME members throughout the State of Michigan. While in office Rick Snyder engaged in unremitting aggressive attacks against all of labor, particularly those representing workers employed in the public sector.

Council 25 fought back and worked with its allies to elect a pro-worker governor in 2018 and a friendly legislature in 2022. The result has been the repeal of much of what Rick Snyder implemented, but despite the best efforts of its leadership, Council 25 has been damaged by Snyder’s actions. We must work together to rebuild Council 25.

Given the pro-worker and pro-labor climate in Michigan we can achieve significant growth in Council 25 and increase our power to improve the lives of Council 25 members. Accordingly, I have acted pursuant to Article IX, Section 27 of the International Constitution and determined that the establishment of the Michigan Organizing Committee 925 was warranted. The International Executive Board has agreed. 

As of February 1, the jurisdiction of all local unions affiliated with Council 25 will be reassigned to the Michigan Organizing Committee. Once established, the Organizing Committee will be responsible for providing support to the local unions in addition to its charge to increase membership and collective power. 

To have an orderly transition to the Organizing Committee and to wind up Council 25’s business affairs, it was necessary to establish an administratorship over the Council. I have appointed Sr. Field Coordinator Gino Carbenia as Administrator and Field Coordinator John Lacey as Deputy Administrator. During the administratorship there will be no interruption in member services. Council 25’s offices remain open, and council staff will continue to service the membership. 

The work you do as public service workers to keep your communities strong is largely unseen and mostly unsung. But make no mistake, the work you do matters. I am optimistic that with the additional investment of resources by the International Union, we can grow our union substantially and build power together for you, the members of Council 25.

In solidarity,


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