2018 AFSCME Council 25 Endorsements

AFSCME Council 25 Issues 2018 General Election Endorsements

Lansing, MI- Today, the AFSCME Council 25 Executive Board and Officers ratified the recommendations of the Area PEOPLE Committees and issued endorsements of candidates at the federal, state, and local levels for the 2018 general election. The full list, including endorsements made before the primary election, is below.


“The Republican leadership in Lansing and D.C. has fought tooth and nail to make life harder for every day working people and rig the rules in favor of big businesses and CEOs” said Council 25 President Lawrence A. Roehrig. “These candidates have laid out bold visions where anyone that works hard for a living isn’t forced to choose between groceries or the electric bill, where children from every zip code have access to affordable higher education and vocational training, and where our seniors don’t have to worry about constant attacks on their pensions and healthcare and can retire with dignity.”


Lorna Davison, a longtime Wayne County employee and the elected statewide PEOPLE Chairperson shared Roehrig’s excitement. “These candidates came before committees of AFSCME members across the state as part of a true democratic process. They got to know our members and showed that they understand the struggles that they face on the job and in their communities every day. We’re ready to help get these candidates to Lansing and Washington D.C. so they can restore the American Dream.”


Governor- Gretchen Whitmer

U.S. Senate- Debbie Stabenow

Attorney General- Dana Nessel

Secretary of State- Jocelyn Benson

Supreme Court- Sam Bagenstos and Megan Cavanagh


U of M Regent- Jordan Acker and Paul Brown

MSU Trustee- Kelly Tebay and Brianna Scott

Wayne State Board- Bryan Barnhill and Anil Kumar

State Board of Ed- Tiffany Tilley and Judy Pritchett


Congressional District 1- Matt Morgan

Congressional District 2- Rob Davidson

Congressional District 5- Dan Kildee

Congressional District 6- Matt Longjohn

Congressional District 7- Gretchen Driskell

Congressional District 8- Elissa Slotkin

Congressional District 9- Andy Levin

Congressional District 11- Haley Stevens

Congressional District 12- Debbie Dingell

Congressional District 13- Rashida Tlaib (full), Brenda Jones (partial)

Congressional District 14- Brenda Lawrence


State Senate 1- Stephanie Chang

State Senate 2- Adam Hollier

State Senate 3- Sylvia Santana

State Senate 4- Marshall Bullock

State Senate 6- Erika Geiss

State Senate 7- Dayna Polehanki

State Senate 9- Paul Wojno

State Senate 10- Henry Yanez

State Senate 11- Jeremy Moss

State Senate 12- Rosemary Bayer

State Senate 13- Mallory McMorrow

State Senate 15- Julia Pulver

State Senate 17- Bill Lavoy

State Senate 18- Jeff Irwin

State Senate 19-  Jason Noble

State Senate 20- Sean McCann

State Senate 23- Curtis Hertel

State Senate 24- Kelly Rossman-McKinney

State Senate 26- Garnet Lewis

State Senate 27- Jim Ananich

State Senate 29- Winnie Brinks

State Senate 31- Cynthia Luczak

State Senate 32- Phil Phelps

State Senate 33- Mark Bignell

State Senate 34- Poppy Sias-Hernandez

State Senate 35- Mike Taillard

State Senate 38- Scott Dianda


State House 1- Tenisha Yancey

State House 2- Joe Tate

State House 3- Wendell Byrd

State House 4- Isaac Robinson

State House 5- Cynthia Johnson

State House 6- Tyrone Carter

State House 7- LaTanya Garrett

State House 9- Karen Whitsett

State House 10- Leslie Love

State House 11- Jewell Jones

State House 12- Alex Garza

State House 16- Kevin Coleman

State House 17- Michelle Lavoy

State House 19- Laurie Pohutsky

State House 20- Matt Koleszar

State House 21- Kristy Pagan

State House 22- John Chirkun

State House 23- Darrin Camilleri

State House 24- Laura Winn

State House 25- Nate Shannon

State House 29- Brenda Carter

State House 31- Bill Sowerby

State House 32- Paul Manley

State House 34- Sheldon Neeley

State House 35- Kyra Harris Bolden

State House 37- Christine Grieg

State House 38- Kelly Breen

State House 40- Mari Manoogian

State House 41- Padma Kuppa

State House 42- Mona Shand

State House 44- Laura Dodd

State House 45- Kyle Cooper

State House 48- Sheryl Kennedy

State House 49- John Cherry Jr.

State House 50- Tim Sneller

State House 51- David Lossing

State House 52- Donna Lasinski

State House 53- Yousef Rabhi

State House 55- Rebekah Warren

State House 56- Ernie Whiteside

State House 57- Amber Pedersen

State House 59- Dennis Smith

State House 60- Jon Hoadley

State House 61- Alberta Griffin

State House 62- Jim Haadsma

State House 63- Jen Aniamo

State House 64- Sheila Troxel

State House 65- Terri McKinnon

State House 67- Kara Hope

State House 69- Julie Brixie

State House 71- Angela Witwer

State House 73- Bill Saxton

State House 75- David Lagrand

State House 76- Rachel Hood

State House 79- Joey Andrews

State House 85- Eric Sabin

State House 86- Lauren Taylor

State House 91- Tanya Cabala

State House 92- Terry Sabo

State House 94- Dave Adams

State House 95- Vanessa Guerra

State House 96- Brian Elder

State House 98- Sara Schultz

State House 99- Kristin Brown

State House 101- Kathy Wiejaczka

State House 104- Dan O’Neil

State House 108- Bob Romps

State House 109- Sara Cambensy

State House 110- Ken Summers


Macomb Clerk- Fred Miller

Macomb District Judge (39th)- Kathy Tocco

Macomb Commissioner- Harold Haugh

16th Circuit Judge- Julie Gatti


Ingham Commissioner- Thomas Morgan


Eaton Commissioner- Jane Whitacre


Wayne County Executive- Warren Evans

3rd Circuit (Wayne)- Suzette Samuels, Regina Thomas

Probate (Wayne)- David Perkins

Wayne District Judge (36th)- Ruth Ann Garrett

Wayne Commissioners- Ilona Varga, Tim Kileen, Diane Webb, Monique Baker-McCormack, Jason Blankenship, Melissa Daub, Sam Beydoun


Livingston Commissioners- Kristina Drake, Jennifer Garcia, Steve Savela, Maureen Martin


Oakland Commissioners- William Miller, Nancy Quarles, Angela Powell, Michelle Bryant, Gwen Markham

Oakland District Judge (46th)- Debra Nance

6th Circuit Judge- Jake Cunningham


Anchor Bay Schools- Jon DeRoo, Shawn Elliott

Pontiac Schools- Shaquana Davis-Smith 

Brownstown Trustee- Steve Allen


Circuit (Genesee)- Celeste Bell, Chris Christenson, Brian Pickell, Elizabeth Kelly

Genesee Commission- Bryant Nolden, Brenda Clack, Ellen Ellenburg, Kim Courts, Mark Young, Martin Cousineau, Ted Henry, Bobbie Walton, Greg Curtiss


Shiawassee Commission- Brandon Marks

Shiawassee Road Commission- Jeff Apsey


Washtenaw Commission- Katie Scott


Kent Commission- Phil Skaggs


Bay Road Commission- Jacob Hilliker


Kalamazoo Commission-Meredith Place


Statewide Ballot Initiatives

Proposal 1- Neutral

Proposal 2- Yes

Proposal 3- Yes