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Local 3317

Local 3317 members are Command Officers for the  Wayne County Sheriff Office and the  Wayne County Airport Authority. The  Command ranks consists of Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants. The Wayne County Sheriff Command Officers are the 2nd largest Sheriff Office in the State of Michigan. The Wayne County Airport Authority services Detroit Metro Airport including the Willow Run Airport. Detroit Metro Airport is the largest airport in the State of Michigan. The Command Officers of the Wayne County Sheriff Office and the Wayne County Airport Authority are committed to providing law enforcement and servicing the communities within the County of Wayne.  



Executive Board -Benefits (313)875-7029
Chief Steward WCAA (734) 942-5360
Executive Board -Harassment (313)774-6321
President (734)721-7211 Ext 517


Election Chairperson
Treasurer (313)967-6998
2nd Vice President-WCAA (734)942-5360
1ST Vice President (313)875-7029
Executive Board-PAC Fund (734)721-2222
Recording Secretary 313-875-7011
Chief Steward Division 1 (313)224-0770
Chief Steward Court Division (313)224-5610
Chief Steward Parks/Roads (734)721-2222
Chief Steward Division III (313)875-7011
Chief Steward Division II (313)224-2208