2022 PEOPLE Endorsements


If you are seeking the endorsement of AFSCME Council 25’s nearly 40,000 active and retired members and their families across the State, please complete the AFSCME Council 25 questionnaire HERE. All candidates seeking AFSCME’s endorsement must return a questionnaire.

The deadline for questionnaires to be considered before the November 2022 General Election has passed. If you have any questions, you can contact Steven Rzeppa, Political Director, via email at [email protected].



September 6, 2022 

The AFSCME Council 25 Executive Board and Officers have ratified the recommendations of the Area PEOPLE Committees and issued the following endorsements of candidates ahead of the November 2022 election.

“AFSCME endorsed candidates are committed to standing with AFSCME on the issues that matter most to our membership- good paying jobs, secure retirements, affordable healthcare and prescriptions, quality public education, and anti-privatization measures,” said Council 25 President Lawrence A. Roehrig. “Too many politicians in Washington and Lansing, and even all the way to our Local and County governments, see working people as line items in a budget to be scrimped and saved on. However, these candidates are ready to work with us to put Michigan’s working families first.”

Lorna Davison, the AFSCME Council 25 Statewide PEOPLE Committee Chairperson and Victim’s Advocate in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office with AFSCME Local 1659 shared President Roehrig’s excitement. “These candidates sent in questionnaires and came before committees of AFSCME members across the state to get to know us and understand the issues we fight for every day. They know that AFSCME members have kept our schools, hospitals, and communities running throughout the pandemic, and now we’re excited to help get these folks elected to office so we can fight together for good jobs and strong communities.”

Below is the list of endorsed candidates:

OfficeDistrictNovember General Candidate
GovernorGretchen Whitmer
Attorney GeneralDana Nessel
Secretary of StateJocelyn Benson
Supreme CourtRichard Bernstein
Supreme CourtKyra Harris Bolden
State Board of EdPamela Pugh
State Board of EdMitchell Robinson
U of M RegentMike Behm
U of M RegentKathy White
MSU TrusteeDennis Denno
MSU TrusteeRenee Jefferson
WSU GovernorsMarilyn Kelly
WSU GovernorsDanielle Atkinson
Proposal 1Term Limits/Financial DisclosureYes
Proposal 2Voting RightsYes
Proposal 3Reproductive FreedomYes
Congress3Hillary Scholten
Congress6Debbie Dingell
Congress7Elissa Slotkin
Congress8Dan Kildee
Congress10Carl Marlinga
Congress11Haley Stevens
Congress12Rashida Tlaib
State Senate1Erika Geiss
State Senate2Sylvia Santana
State Senate3Stephanie Chang
State Senate4Darrin Camilleri
State Senate5Dayna Polehanki
State Senate6Mary Cavanagh
State Senate7Jeremy Moss
State Senate8Mallory McMorrow
State Senate9Padma Kuppa
State Senate10Paul Wojno
State Senate11Veronica Klinefelt
State Senate12Kevin Hertel
State Senate13Rosemary Bayer
State Senate15Jeff Irwin
State Senate16Katybeth Davis
State Senate19Sean McCann
State Senate21Sarah Anthony
State Senate25Bert Van Dyke
State Senate26Charles Stadler
State Senate27John Cherry
State Senate28Sam Singh
State Senate29Winnie Brinks
State Senate30David LaGrand
State Senate31Kim Nagy
State Senate32Terry Sabo
State Senate33Mark Bignell
State Senate35Kristin McDonald Rivet
State Senate36Joel Sheltrown
State Senate37Barbara Conley
State Senate38John Braamse
State House1Tyrone Carter
State House2Tulio Liberati
State House3Alabas Farhat
State House5Natalie Price
State House6Regina Weiss
State House7Helena Scott
State House8Mike McFall
State House9Abraham Aiyash
State House10Joe Tate
State House11Veronica Paiz
State House13Lori Stone
State House14Donavan McKinney
State House15Erin Byrnes
State House16Stephanie Young
State House17Laurie Pohutsky
State House18Jason Hoskins
State House19Samantha Steckloff
State House20Noah Arbit
State House21Kelly Breen
State House22Matt Koleszar
State House23Jason Morgan
State House24Ranjeev Puri
State House25Kevin Coleman
State House26Dylan Wegela
State House27Jaime Churches
State House28Rob Kull
State House29Alex Garza
State House31Reggie Miller
State House32Jimmie Wilson Jr
State House33Felicia Brabec
State House34John Dahlgren
State House38Joey Andrews
State House40Christine Morse
State House41Julie Rogers
State House42Justin Mendoza
State House44Jim Haadsma
State House45Ron Hawkins
State House46Maurice Imhoff
State House48Jennifer Conlin
State House50Glen Miller
State House52Robin McGregor
State House53Brenda Carter
State House54Shadia Martini
State House56Sharon MacDonnell
State House57Aisha Farooqi
State House58Nate Shannon
State House60Linda Clor
State House61Denise Mentzer
State House63Kelly Noland
State House68Cheri Hardmon
State House69Jasper Martus
State House70Cynthia Neeley
State House71Mark Zacharda
State House73Julie Brixie
State House74Kara Hope
State House75Penelope Tsernolgou 
State House76Angela Witwer
State House77Emily Dievendorf
State House80Phil Skaggs
State House81Rachel Hood
State House83John Fitzgerald
State House84Carol Glanville
State House86Larry Jackson
State House87Will Snyder
State House92Anthony Feig
State House93Jeffrey Lockwood
State House94Amos O'Neal
State House95Matthew Dawson
State House97Paul Whitney
State House101Amanda Siggins
State House103Betsy Coffia
State House106Marie Fielder
State House107Jodi Decker
State House108Chris Lopez
SheriffWayne CountyRay Washington
County Commission District 1Wayne CountyTim Kileen
County Commission District 2Wayne CountyJonathan Kinloch
County Commission District 3Wayne CountyMartha Scott
County Commission District 4Wayne CountyCara Clemente
County Commission District 5Wayne CountyIrma Clark-Coleman
County Commission District 7Wayne CountyAlisha Bell
County Commission District 11Wayne CountyNo endorsement at this time
County Commission District 12Wayne CountyGlenn Anderson
County Commission District 13Wayne CountySam Baydoun
Third Circuit CourtWayne CountyMark Slavens
Third Circuit CourtWayne CountyAnne Marie McCarthy
Third Circuit CourtWayne CountyLakena Tennille Crespo
Third Circuit CourtWayne CountyCharise Anderson
School BoardAllen ParkJeannette MacDonald
School BoardAllen ParkSteve Martin
School BoardAllen ParkMichael Klein
School BoardDetroitRidgeley Hudson
County Commission District 6Macomb CountyJoseph Romano
County Commission District 9Macomb CountyDana Camphous Peterson
County Commission District 10Macomb CountyHarold Haugh
County Commission District 11Macomb CountyMai Xiong
2nd District Court of AppealsMacomb CountySima Patel
School BoardWarren ConsolidatedKyle Johnson
School BoardWarren ConsolidatedSue Trombley
School BoardWarren ConsolidatedMegan Papasian-Broadwell
Transit MillageMacomb CountyVote YES
Circuit CourtOakland CountyAmanda Shelton
County Commission District 7Oakland CountyKristin Watt
County Commission District 12Oakland CountyMike  Smith
County Commission District 13Oakland CountyJim Williams
County Commission District 14Oakland CountyAjay Raman
45th District CourtOakland CountyMichelle Appel
52-4 District CourtOakland CountyKirsten Nielson Hartig
2nd District Court of AppealsOakland CountySima Patel
School BoardRoyal OakMichelle Cook 
School BoardWaterfordJohn Paul Torres
Transit MillageOakland CountyVote YES
Circuit CourtWashtenaw CountyArianne Slay
County Commission District 5Washtenaw CountyJustin Hodge
County Commission District 6Washtenaw CountyAnnie Somerville
MayorAnn ArborChris Taylor
City Council District 1Ann ArborCynthia Harrison
City Council District 2Ann ArborChris Watson
City Council District 3Ann ArborAyesha Ghazi Edwin
City Council District 4Ann ArborDharma Akmon
City Council District 5Ann ArborJenn Cornell
School BoardWhitmore LakeDevin Steele
MayorYpsilantiNicole Brown
County Commission District 2Monroe CountyDanielle Hoover
Community College TrusteeMonroe CountyJason Matthews
County Commission District 6Lenawee CountyAndrew Winckles
County Commission District 8Kalamazoo CountyStephanie Willoughby
Battle Creek City CommissionCalhoun CountyJake Smith
County Commission District 9Ingham CountyRyan Sebolt
County Commission District 13Ingham CountyGraham Dietrich
County Commission District 6Eaton CountyTJ Youngquist
Village TrusteeCassopolisJim Pedersen
County Commission District 1Genesee CountyBryant Nolden
County Commission District 2Genesee CountyCharles Winfrey
County Commission District 3Genesee CountyEllen Ellenburg
County Commission District 4Genesee CountyDominique Clemons
County Commission District 5Genesee CountyJames Avery
County Commission District 8Genesee CountyDale Weighill
7th Circuit CourtGenesee CountyDawn Weier
2nd District Court of AppealsGenesee CountySima Patel
MayorFlintSheldon Neeley
TrusteeMott Community CollegeArt Reyes