2020 Endorsements

If you are seeking the endorsement of AFSCME Council 25’s 50,000 active and retired members and their families across the State, please complete the AFSCME Council 25 questionnaire HERE. All candidates seeking AFSCME’s endorsement must return a questionnaire. If you have any questions, you can contact Steven Rzeppa, Political Director, via email at [email protected]

The AFSCME Council 25 Executive Board and Officers ratified the recommendations of the Area PEOPLE Committees and issued the following endorsements of candidates at the Federal, State, and Local levels.

“The Republican leadership in Lansing and D.C. has fought tooth and nail to make life harder for every day working people and rig the rules in favor of big businesses and CEOs” said Council 25 President Lawrence A. Roehrig. “Our endorsed candidates have bold visions so that anyone who works hard isn’t forced to choose between groceries or prescriptions, where children from every zip code can get a quality Public Education with Vocational Training, and where our Seniors don’t have to worry about constant attacks on their pensions and healthcare and can retire with dignity and respect and the pension checks and healthcare they earned.”


Lorna Davison, a longtime Wayne County employee and the elected statewide PEOPLE Chairperson shared Roehrig’s excitement. “These candidates sent in questionnaires and came before committees of AFSCME members across the state. They got to know our members and understand the issues we fight for every day. They showed that they understand the struggles that we face on the job and in our communities. We’re excited to help send these candidates to Lansing and Washington D.C. so we can fight together for good jobs and strong communities.”


Below is the list of endorsed candidates:


President and Vice PresidentUnited StatesJoe Biden and Kamala Harris
US SenateMIGary Peters
Congress1Dana Ferguson
Congress2No endorsement at this time
Congress3Hillary Scholten
Congress4No endorsement at this time
Congress5Dan Kildee
Congress6Jon Hoadley
Congress7Gretchen Driskell
Congress8Elissa Slotkin
Congress9Andy Levin
Congress10Kimberly Bizon
Congress11Haley Stevens
Congress12Debbie Dingell
Congress13Rashida Tlaib
Congress14Brenda Lawrence
JusticeMI Supreme CourtBridget Mary McCormack
JusticeMI Supreme CourtElizabeth Welch
TrusteeMichigan StateBrian Mossallam
TrusteeMichigan StateRema Reynolds-Vassar
RegentU of MMark Bernstein
RegentU of MShauna Ryder Diggs
GovernorWayne StateEva Garza Dewaelsche
GovernorWayne StateShirley Stancato
MemberState Board of EducationEllen Cogen Lipton
MemberState Board of EducationJason Strayhorn
State House1Teneisha Yancey
State House2Joe Tate
State House3No endorsement at this time
State House4Abraham Aiyash
State House5Cynthia Johnson
State House6Tyrone Carter
State House7Helena  Scott
State House8Stephanie Young
State House9No endorsement at this time
State House10Mary Cavanagh
State House11Jewell Jones
State House12Alex Garza
State House13Tullio Liberati
State House14Cara Clemente
State House15Abdullah Hammoud
State House16Kevin Coleman
State House17Christopher Slat
State House18Kevin Hertel
State House19Laurie Pohutsky
State House20Matt Koleszar
State House21Ranjeev Puri
State House22Richard Steenland
State House23Darrin Camilleri
State House24Michelle Woodman
State House25Nate Shannon
State House26Jim Ellison
State House27Regina Weiss
State House28Lori Stone
State House29Brenda Carter
State House30Michael Chehab
State House31Bill Sowerby
State House32Justin Boucher
State House33Olu Jabari
State House34Cynthia Neeley
State House35Kyra Harris Bolden
State House36Robert Murphy
State House37Samantha Steckloff
State House38Kelly Breen
State House39Julia Pulver
State House40Mari Manoogian
State House41Padma Kuppa
State House42Donnie Bettes
State House43Nicole Breadon
State House44Denise Forrest
State House45Barb Anness
State House46Jody Lamacchia 
State House47Adam Smiddy
State House48Sheryl Kennedy
State House49John Cherry
State House50Tim Sneller
State House51No endorsement at this time
State House52Donna Lasinski
State House53Yousef Rabhi
State House54Ronnie Peterson
State House55Felicia Brabec
State House56Keith Kitchens
State House57Will Garcia
State House58No endorsement at this time
State House59Amy East
State House60Julie Rogers
State House61Christine Morse
State House62Jim Haadsma
State House63No endorsement at this time
State House64Sandra Hofman-Kingston
State House65Nancy Smith
State House66Abigail Wheeler
State House67Kara Hope
State House68Sarah Anthony
State House69Julie Brixie
State House70Karen Garvey
State House71Angela Witwer
State House72Lily Cheng-Shulting
State House73Bill Saxton
State House74No endorsement at this time
State House75David LaGrand
State House76Rachel Hood
State House77Bob Smith
State House78Dan Vanden Heede
State House79Chokwe Pitchford
State House80Erik Almquist
State House81Debbie Bourgois
State House82No endorsement at this time
State House83Stephanie Armstrong-Helton
State House84No endorsement at this time
State House85No endorsement at this time
State House86No endorsement at this time
State House87Jay Molette
State House88No endorsement at this time
State House89Anita Brown
State House90No endorsement at this time
State House91Brian Hosticka
State House92Terry Sabo
State House93Muhammad Rais
State House94Demond  Tibbs
State House95Amos O'Neal
State House96Brian Elder
State House97No endorsement at this time
State House98Sarah Schulz
State House99John Zang
State House100No endorsement at this time
State House101Beth McGill-Rizer
State House102No endorsement at this time
State House103No endorsement at this time
State House104Dan O'Neil
State House105Jonathan Burke
State House106No endorsement at this time
State House107Jim Page
State House108Renee Richer
State House109Sara Cambensy
State House110Janet Metsa
ExecutiveOaklandDave Coulter
ProsecutorOaklandKaren McDonald
TreasurerOaklandRobert Wittenberg
SheriffOaklandVincent Gregory
Oakland County Commission2James Williams
Oakland County Commission5Kristen Nelson 
Oakland County Commission9Gwen Markham
Oakland County Commission10Angela Powell
Oakland County Commission11Tim Burns
Oakland County Commission13Marcia Gershenson
Oakland County Commission16Penny Luebs
Oakland County Commission18Charlie Cavell
Circuit CourtOakland Kameisha Gant
Circuit CourtOaklandLorie Savin
District Court43rdBrian Hartwell
District Court45thJaimie Powell Horowitz
School BoardBirminghamNash Salami
School BoardRoyal OakTim Ciechorski
SupervisorWaterfordJohn Paul Torres
TreasurerWaterfordEric Lindemier
ClerkMacombFred Miller
ProsecutorMacombMary A. Chrzanowski
SheriffMacombAnthony Wickersham
TreasurerMacombLorie Barnwell
Public Works CommissionerMacombToni Moceri
Macomb County Commission2Mai Xiong
Macomb County Commission3Veronica Klinefelt
Macomb County Commission4Joseph Romano
Macomb County Commission5Robert Mijac
Macomb County Commission6Ken Reid
Macomb County Commission10Robert Leonetti 
Macomb County Commission11Harold Haugh
Macomb County Commission12Julie Matuzak
Macomb County Commission13Joanne Recchia
SupervisorClinton TownshipJason Davidson
TreasurerClinton TownshipPaul Gielgehem




Clinton Township

Clintondale Schools

Clintondale Schools

Mike Keys

Lois Murray

Kary Davidson

SupervisorChesterfield TownshipMark Palimino
TrusteeChesterfield TownshipLinda Hartman
TrusteeChesterfield TownshipMichelle Merriweather
TrusteeHarrison TownshipRhonda Warner
TrusteeMacomb Community CollegeMaria Mijac
ProsecutorWayneKym Worthy
Wayne County Commission8David Knezek
Wayne County Commission9Nancy Darga
Wayne County Commission10Melissa Daub
Circuit CourtWayneEdward Joseph
Circuit CourtWayneNicholas Hathaway
Circuit CourtWayneChandra Baker
District Court28thElizabeth Mullins
District Court32ARebekah Coleman
SupervisorCanton TownshipAnne Marie Graham Hudak
ClerkCanton TownshipMichael Siegrist 
TreasurerCanton TownshipDian Slavens
TrusteeCanton TownshipSommer Foster
TrusteeCanton TownshipSteven Sneideman
TrusteeCanton TownshipTania Ganguly
TrusteeCanton TownshipKate Borinski
TreasurerDearborn HeightsRobert Constan
School BoardDearborn HeightsLatanya Gater
School BoardDetroitSherry Gay-Dagnogo
ProsecutorWashtenaw CountyEli Savit
Circuit CourtWashtenaw CountyNick Roumel
District Court14BErane Washington
City Council Ward 1Ann ArborLisa Disch
City Council Ward 3Ann ArborTravis Radina
City Council Ward 4Ann ArborJen Eyer
City Council Ward 5Ann ArborErica Briggs
Township TrusteeYpsilanti TownshipJimmie Wilson Jr. 
TrusteeFrenchtown TownshipDenise Brooks
SupervisorBedford  TownshipStephanie Zarb
SupervisorGreen Oak TownshipGayle Steele
Ingham County CommissionDistrict 9Erin Graham
SheriffEaton CountyTom Reich
TreasurerEaton CountyBob Robinson
Drain CommissionerEaton CountyBrandon Dyer

Calhoun County Commission


District 3

Kellogg Community College

Jake Smith

Jon Byrd

ClerkKalamazoo CountyMeredith Place
Kalamazoo County Commission6Jen Aniano
Kalamazoo County Commission7Anthony Bates
ProsecutorGenesee CountyDavid Leyton
SheriffGenesee CountyChris Swanson
ClerkGenesee CountyJohn Gleason
TreasurerGenesee CountyDeborah Cherry
Drain CommissionerGenesee CountyJeff Wright
SurveyorGenesee CountyKim Carlson
Circuit Court7thChris Christenson
District Court67-2Dawn Weier
District Court67-5Tabitha Marsh
Genesee County Commission1Bryant Nolden
Genesee County Commission2Charles Winfrey
Genesee County Commission3Ellen Ellenburg
Genesee County Commission4Dominique Clemons
Genesee County Commission5Mark Young
Genesee County Commission6No endorsement at this time
Genesee County Commission7Martin Cousineau
Genesee County Commission8Debra Newman
Genesee County Commission9Gary Peppin
District Court60th (Muskegon)Matthew Kacel